Tele-Communication Lactation Consultation

Tele Consultation (video consult)

You may live locally or out of state. You may feel overwhelmed leaving the house for an appointment or unable to find childcare for your other children. We can have a lactation consultation via video in your own home.You just need a laptop, desktop or iPad. Please follow the “schedule now” link for available appointments.

Lactation Consultation

Lactation Consultations in Home/ Office
Coming home from the hospital with a new baby can be an exciting, but often stressful time.After bringing home a new baby, you many have questions about breastfeeding that you would like to address with individual attention. A lactation consultation can take place in the comfort of your own home or at my office in Richmond. Each consultation generally lasts 1 ½ , and includes a follow up call.Some of the issues that new mothers may seek help with include:

    • Nipple trauma- blisters, cracks, bruising
    • Pain throughout feedings
    • Infant weight loss
    • History of unsuccessful breastfeeding
    • History of breast surgery
    • Multiple births
    • Premature infant
  • Jaundiced infant

Please email or call for a home consult.

Breastfeeding class: ​

Never breastfed and want to know the basics? We will talk about anatomy of the breast and baby. Feeding and sleep schedule to expect. Breastfeeding positions and how to achieve a good latch. Learn all you need to know about how to breastfeed like a tiger mother. Please email to set up.

Return to Work:

The American way…returning at 6 weeks, 12 weeks or 12 months you are bound to have questions. How do I make enough milk? How do I store my milk? What are the best pumps? What bottles should I use? How do I balance work and the feeding bond with my baby? Get comfortable with the tools here. Please email to set up.

Something Nice (Yoga Therapy)

Root is about your baby rooting at the breast but it’s also about ​you
​ rooting to all that is good and nourishing. Your baby needs sustenance and so do you. Make time for yourself and come in for a Yoga Therapy session. Yoga Therapy will clear your mind, calm your nerves and bring you a sense of peace that you need to support yourself and your baby. A mat will be provided and you will be guided through a yoga session and end with a long relaxation that will leave you feeling rooted. Please email to set up.

Bells and Whistles-Remote Support (call, text, repeat):

If you prefer to have a remote support via phone calls and text messages we have a monthly plan.You don’t have to wonder if it’s ok to “bother” your lactation consultant for a quick question with a monthly plan. Unlimited calls and texts are made available. This can be very helpful if you think you will have multiple technical questions and wish to address problems from home without an appointment.


$100 for one month

$180 for two months

$250 for three months

* ​An initial consultation is required to start this relationship.…Video consultations are available under this plan at reduced rates. * If an issue is critical it may require an in person consultation.



“Before Aimee came to my rescue I had been in pretty intense pain from recurring blocked milk ducts and milk blisters for about a month.  I was at my wit’s end and was feeling pretty hopeless and sometimes scared to breastfeed my 4 month old son because of the pain that would come with it.  Aimee set me up with a comprehensive plan of attack that resolved the milk blister I had at the time within the day and I have been pain free ever since.  If I feel a milk blister popping up I know what works for me now to clear it before it becomes painful.  Aimee also showed me different nursing positions to help with my son’s latch, helped me to understand why he was pulling away while he nursed, and shared some other tips that would help to prevent problems in the future like going bra-less for a few hours a day.  Apart from knowing how to help me physically, her insightful, caring, and nurturing demeanor was exactly what I needed  emotionally and I can’t believe now that I waited so long before I asked for help!”- Emily C